“Racing industry executives in New York State, where Thoroughbred racing has been under fire from animal rights activists and some state legislators, said their industry is safe, has improved the welfare of current and retired racehorses, and that lawmakers should block to steer video lottery casino proceeds away from track-related interests to education and social needs of the state.”

Racing Industry’s Importance Emphasized in NY Hearing, Blood Horse
Photo of the trainer

“My life in horse racing also provides a path forward for my family. This sport is full of people like our gate crew – working behind-the-scenes as exercise riders, grooms, blacksmiths, clockers, maintenance people, truck drivers and the like, who are providing for their families as well. We’re a community united by our love for the horses and working hard to ensure that our kids will get the opportunity to go to college and purse their own dreams.”

Horse Racing “Provides a Path for My Family”
casino gambling

“With states constantly looking to close budget gaps, racetracks that depend on funds derived from casino gambling are increasingly nervous that lawmakers could raid their purse accounts. A recent bill introduced in New York, for instance, proposes redirecting legally protected video lottery terminal payments to more popular needs like public schools, agricultural grants, human services, and workforce protections.”

Symposium Speakers Discuss Combating Decoupling, Blood Horse
global frontrunner in horse racing

“A public hearing on New York horse racing held Wednesday took an enthusiastic tone, as testimonials touted the industry’s successful comeback this year after a pandemic-stifled 2020 and looked to potential future gains in online betting.”

Lawmakers aim to make New York a global frontrunner in horse racing, Times Union
Horse racing sport

“Lawmakers in the state Assembly today will assess the horse racing industry in New York, and a coalition of business organizations, labor unions and those involved in the sport are urging officials to continue backing the industry.”

Lawmakers assess horse racing industry in New York, NY State of Politics

“Today, ahead of a New York State Assembly hearing to examine the state of the horse racing industry in New York, the We Are New York Horse Racing coalition emphasized the importance of the sport of horse racing to the state’s economy. The coalition called on lawmakers to continue their support for the horse racing industry.”

“We Are NY Horse Racing” seeks to educate and urge lawmakers to support the horse racing industry ahead of Assembly Committee Hearing,

“This would have been beyond my wildest dreams all those years ago in Mexico.. And my story is not unique. Every single day I work with men and women who came to this country as immigrants and, because of this sport, have been able to build a life and raise a family. And you can be sure that none of it would have been possible without New York horse racing.”

The Racetrack “Supports A Lot of Hard-Working People,”

“Some may think that horse racing is a sport for the elite or privileged few. From my experience, that depiction couldn’t be further from the truth. The heart and soul of our sport are the hard-working people on the backstretch who make racing possible throughout New York and across the country. They’re people like my mom and dad, for whom racing is a livelihood and has given my sister and me the opportunity to go to college.”

The thoroughbred horse industry helped me achieve my dreams, AMNY

“Total wagering on harness racing in the U.S. is up 11.35 percent, almost $130 million, through Sept. 30, 2021, compared to the same nine months in 2019. The comparison to 2019 is due to the COVID-19 pandemic that canceled all racing in April and limited the number of races to 154 in May of last year.”

U.S. harness racing wagering up nearly $130 million through third quarter of 2021, USTA

“Without it, I’m not sure how local businesses like mine would survive,” she said. “I am very happy to be joining We Are NY Horse Racing and its initiatives, especially as the restaurant industry recovers from the pandemic and we look towards the recovery of our local economy.”

Horse racing coalition forms to educate NYers on sport as billion dollar economic engine, Times Union

“The range of the coalition’s membership would suggest the seriousness with which the racing industry takes the increasingly organized opposition to horse racing in New York. “

New Coalition to Press Economic Importance of NY Racing, BloodHorse

“A cluster of organizations and businesses have formed the We Are NY Horse Racing coalition to educate New Yorkers about the sport’s contributions to the state’s economy. The collective is comprised of unions, non-profits, small businesses and trade organizations who all have a vested interest in the tourism-driving industry and want people to know about it. Patrick McKenna, the group’s spokesperson, said the sport is a “powerful economic engine” for the state.”

Coalition to promote horse racing in New York, Times Union

“A coalition comprised of small businesses, unions, non-profits, and trade organizations today announced the launch of We Are NY Horse Racing, a coalition designed to educate New Yorkers regarding the importance of the sport of horse racing to the New York economy.”

Businesses, labor groups form coalition to boost horse racing in New York, NY State of Politics

“Nothing says Saratoga Springs is back quite as ebulliently as the daily run for the picnic tables in the backyard of this historic racetrack. It was an all-out sprint to a hulk of splintered wood, the choice of which (horseplayers being superstitious sorts) might determine the fate of their betting fortunes in the afternoon.”

Fans Find Joy in a Long-Delayed Season of Bets and Feasts​, The New York Times

“City officials say that local businesses have seen double-digit increases in sales during the fist two weeks of racing at Saratoga Race Course, a year after city businesses saw their summer sales drop 30 to 40 percent last year when the track was closed to spectators due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Saratoga businesses enjoying best summer in years​, Times Union

“A coalition comprised of small businesses, unions, non-profits, and trade organizations today announced the launch of We Are NY Horse Racing, a coalition designed to educate New Yorkers regarding the importance of the sport of horse racing to the New York economy.”

“We Are NY Horse Racing” Launches coalition to support horse racing in New York State,